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Industry sectors

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BOPP filter meshes are installed in a wide range of different industry sectors, including:
  • Equipment, machinery
  • Automotive/vehicle manufacturing
  • Mining, production of raw materials
  • Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology
  • Energy management
  • Hydraulics industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Food and drink
  • Air and space travel
  • Engineering industry
  • Medical technology
  • Metalworking
  • Paper and wood
  • Petrochemicals and oil industries
  • High precision mechanics
  • Process industry
  • Shipping and shipbuilding
  • Footwear and clothing
  • Textiles
  • Environmental technology

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Important notice to our current and future customers:

G. Bopp + Co. AG (“Bopp”) and even their existing customers have recently noticed that online offerings of products which look similar to those of Bopp and declaring them as “Bopp” products are increasingly being introduced on online purchasing platforms. There is no doubt that these offerings infringe Bopp’s trademarks, violate unfair competition (and other) laws and seriously deceive the market participants.

Bopp have reacted and undertaken respective measures to defend and protect their rights. Considering the enormous number of violators, it seems inevitable that this process will take longer than Bopp desire.

In the meantime, Bopp would like to emphasize the following:
Products manufactured by G. Bopp + Co. AG in Zurich, Switzerland are exclusively available from its subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, Sweden, USA, Korea and China and the nominated representations.

G. Bopp + Co. AG are one of the world’s leading producers of precision woven wire meshes providing their high-quality products to market leaders in the high tech, pharmaceutical, chemical, aeronautics, plastic, glass, ceramics, mechanical engineering, paper, environmental technology and even space travel (www.bopp.com).