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BOPP logistics – on time, in the right place

Our logistics function is an important part of our service package, and is closely linked to many other divisions including production planning and control. Our central warehouse in Zürich carries more than 10,000 rolls of standard specification mesh.
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Computer controlled warehousing system

Our fully automated warehousing system is embedded into our enterprise-wide IT infrastructure. The system guarantees optimum efficiency, eliminating the potential for error.

Stock for customer inventory

Where required, we can make available consignment stock for customer inventory, guaranteeing optimum security of supply.

Professional packing methods

To ensure that deliveries arrive undamaged at their destinations, we operate a state of the art joinery shop producing dimensionally accurate packing units.

Just-in-Time deliveries

We deliver to agreed schedules, supporting our customers’ processes and activities.

Economical delivery methods

Our logistics specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the most reliable hauliers and the most economical means of transport as well as understanding all the relevant regulations, ensuring smooth delivery processes, on schedule every time.

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